3 essential online marketing for electricians.

Social networks are your best ally.

Today, social networks offer enormous potential to make themselves known, since they are the ideal platforms for recommendations to be generated and your work is made known.

Use networks like Instagram to post photos that talk about your work. In addition you can also republish a hashtag where you have prepared the photographs for the public to share about your work.

Create a website.

Your web page is the image of you on the internet, so it is important that it goes according to what you want to project. It is essential that it is adapted to be deployed on a mobile phone or tablet.

It is also important to have a map or link for an application which has the location of the establishment, add contact information, such as telephone or email.

Create a mailing campaign.

A very good strategy for restaurants is to prepare a mailing campaign so that users who wish to be informed with the latest news, promotions and quotes.

You can send the newsletter on a regular basis, and influence them useful information and exclusive promotions for your customers.

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