5 brilliant tips to increase your sales as an electrician

Discover how to increase sales as an electrician and generate profits

Fortunately, the electric service industry has experienced a large increase in Spain, and job opportunities are growing. Experienced specialists are now in great demand, especially since we increasingly use smart technologies in the workplace and in our homes.

Still, maintaining the relationship with the client after a project or reaching new customers is a challenge for electricians.

Here are 5 ways to increase sales for electricians and thus attract new customers.

1. Strengthen your online presence

Research shows that small businesses need to connect to the Internet today more than ever. In fact, most customers now find your local services on the Internet. This explains why electricians have the need to appear on the network, especially given the low rate of customers who re-hire such services.

For this, the creation of a website as a digital showcase is an absolute necessity. A professional website should be easy to navigate. It must also include basic information such as services (lighting, electrical cables, inspection, etc.), prices and opening hours. Website optimization to rank high on major search engines like Google or Bing is also essential for local service providers.

Alternatively, it is possible to increase sales for electricians by creating a professional social media page. You can also list your service on Google My Business to increase the likelihood that potential customers will find you.

2. Build a strong company image to increase your electrician sales

Another good idea for advertising as an electrician is to build a solid brand image. This is especially important for contractors. Most of your projects are carried out directly with your clients, so it is vital to be perceived as a trusted professional.

A company can, for example, design its own logo or tagline and use it consistently on all available channels (website, social media, flyers, emails, etc.). In this way, customers remember them even when the work is finished.

3. Request customer feedback

Immediately after a job or a few weeks later, electrical contractors should seek the opinion of their existing customers. In fact, more and more users find their local service providers on the Internet. This means that customer opinions are now a key factor in closing a sale.

For the business owner, this means asking customers to post a testimonial online or leave a review in the social media. Similarly, if the business appears on Google, customers can value their experience with the company to help other customers make a decision.

Companies can contact customers directly at the end of the project or use emails in surveys to collect opinions.

4. Consolidate your database

Another good marketing technique for electricians is to use multiple systems to keep track of your contacts. Usually, contractors use business cards, Microsoft Outlook, Excel sheets, etc.

But if you consolidate all your existing contacts in a database, you can make a big difference.

Some companies, for example, prefer to create a public folder for their contacts in their email program, while others use customer relationship management (CRM) systems to track their customers.

Whatever your method, be sure to keep a different record of information (such as existing customers, latest contact dates, new contacts, missing data, etc.). This will be useful for prospecting sales. You can also create a mailing list to keep in touch with customers and keep them informed occasionally with updates or special offers.

5. Make good use of good content

Depending on how much time and resources you have, you can create informative content for your customers and publish it through your channels. It may also be useful to share parts of content relevant to your business.

For example, educational blog articles on common electrical problems and how to solve them can be interesting for your customers. Youtube videos with easy tricks and tips, tutorials or DIY jobs can also help position your business as a trusted electrician to turn to. In this way, people are more likely to address you in case of an electrical emergency.

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