How to get customers as electricians?

If you need to get clients for your professional service as an electrician, the Internet can be an excellent tool, probably while reading this on the Internet there are people looking to solve their problems of repair and electrical installations Would you like to know how to get to them? In this article we will teach you How using a digital marketing strategy you can get to boost your professional service on the Internet and reach potential customers.

Why is digital marketing important for an electrician?

Admit it, times have changed until a while ago to get customers at your service as an electrician you needed to publish an ad in yellow pages, local magazines and newspapers, etc. However, now potential customers use the Internet to find a solution to their electrical repair and maintenance problems from their personal computers, tablets and mobile devices.

In addition, they are influenced by comments on social networks, have access to more information to compare and choose a professional electrician service.

And this is where digital marketing plays a very important role for your company, if potential customers are now on the Internet. Wouldn’t it be a smart decision to use this means to reach them? But it’s not just about designing a web page, publishing it and waiting for the phone to start ringing, if you do this you probably fail like the vast majority of electricians trying to get customers on the Internet.

Where to start?

The first step to follow is to have a digital marketing plan that allows you to define your objectives and what are the steps to follow, that is, the actions that you are going to take, talking about this topic can be very extensive and in based To our experience we have already documented all the steps of a digital strategy, however we have found it convenient to summarize the tools you need or at least the most important ones:

Register a domain name

Just as you have a commercial name for your professional services, it is necessary to have a name on the Internet the famous “.com” through this address on the Internet, your clients and potential clients can find you. The recommendation is to use a short name that is easy to remember.

Professional email accounts

If you are still using your free email of the type you are probably not offering a good image or confidence to your potential clients, such as using an email address of the type the investment for having a personalized email address With the name of your company it is quite economical, so you have no excuses for not buying one, it will also help you improve your image.

Design a web page

The next step is to design a web page of your electrical services company where anyone who enters can know the services you offer, according to studies it is said that you have less than 8 seconds to get the visitor’s attention otherwise it will leave.

For this reason it is not about designing a website where you talk about yourself as a professional electrician and how big your company is, it is about talking about how you can help solve the problems or needs of your potential client and why they should Choose you and not another.

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