Where to get clients for my services as an electrician using the Internet?

If you are like most electricians who designed your website, published it and waited for potential customers to start contacting you, it may take a long time until that happens and you probably end up frustrated.

For this reason, if your website does not know anyone, it is very likely that you will not generate any business contact, to solve this, you must use the necessary means to reach potential customers, two of the most used options are:

Advertise on Google Adwords for electricians

The vast majority of people use Google to search practically everything including repair services and electrical installations in their locality, for this reason announcing your services when someone searches for the word “eletricista in (your city)” would be one of the best options to arrive to potential clients, because you are arriving at the precise moment when that person is in need of your services, with which the chances of becoming a client are very high.

Contrary to what many electricians think, Google ads in most cases should not point to the website, but to a landing page later we will talk about this.

Remember that advertising on Google will allow you to get people interested in your services but it is your job to turn those people into customers, that is why you must have a strategy prepared to convince these potential customers that you are the best option

Facebook advertising for electricians

With Google we can reach potential customers who are proactively looking for an electrician in your area, but how to reach people who are not searching on Google but who may have the need to solve a problem in their electrical installations?

Advertising on Facebook can be a good option, since this allows us to show an ad to people in a segmented way by age range, gender, geographic location, interests, professions, etc.

It is important to keep in mind that people on Facebook are in “social mode” and are interested in seeing friends’ photos, chatting, etc. For this reason we must “interrupt” your attention with an ad that has a clear and concise message and that encourages you to see the details of what we offer.

Another aspect to consider is that we should not target everyone, for this we must define the profile of our “ideal customer” or “niche market” offering a customized solution.

Other options to publicize your services are Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks, although there are many options it is not about being in all of them, it is necessary that you identify in which of these social networks your target audience is and focus your actions of digital marketing in it.

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